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Power Plants and Equipment
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Power Plants on EPC Basis

The Uttam Group is one of the leading suppliers of various types of power plants on EPC basis, with a track record of more than 65 turnkey projects. The Group’s expertise spans engineering, design, procurement, project management, erection and commissioning.

Choice of Fuels
Biomass / Bagasse fired power plants
Coal based power plants
Municipal Solid Waste fired power plants – Converting Waste to Energy
Waste heat recovery based power plants utilizing blast furnace / coke oven gas or cement kiln gas,  or a  combination of the above fuel / gas

Biomass based power plants

The Uttam Group offers biomass fired boilers for power generation, using a variety of agricultural waste fuels such as bagasse from sugar factories and waste from food processing industries, implementing advanced thermotechnics and technology.
Our fields of operation:
Design and construction of biomass boilers
Manufacture of biomass boilers for hot water, superheated water, steam, thermal oil, air and hot gas generators
Turnkey biomass systems
Turnkey biomass cogeneration systems
Boilers compatible with various types of biomass (agricultural and forestry with high humidity content, in homogeneous sizes and high level of ash)
In-House R&D Center specialized in the study of conventional and non-conventional biomass combustion
Power Plant equipment
We design, manufacture or outsource to our stringent quality standards all the machinery, equipment and civil works that comprise the entire power plant.
Systems engineering for complete plant
Mechanical systems including boilers, piping, etc.
Design and engineering of electrical systems and equipment
Instrumentation and control systems for field and control room
Civil works