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Type : Conventional 4x4 type or Short Retention
Conventional  4x4 type
Salient features :

1. Trays: All trays are properly formed to minimize cavities and create better scraper contact with tray surface. Scraping ensured over larger area providing consistent mud concentration.

2. Clear Juice Withdrawal System: Clear Juice withdrawal points well designed to ensure better clarity of juice. The Orifice Control System for clear juice withdrawal is a special feature which is fitted in the clear juice internal piping. Our system has two segments of semi-circular coils diametrically opposite in each compartment with suitable number of nozzles properly sized for ensuring withdrawal along the total periphery of the Clarifier. This eliminates channelization. This includes supply of 2 sets of juice boxes each having five telescopic valves and 2 sets of internal and external piping diametrically opposite each other along with liquidation piping. This ensures withdrawal of clear juice along the entire periphery of each compartment. This system is superior to equal size nozzles whether placed far apart or closely spaced and the internal juice pipes do not need any slope as regular flow is ensured along the entire length of piping by hydraulic gradient.
3. Feed System: The feed to the top compartment (flocculating chamber) from the flash tank is through an inverted U for liquid sealing between flash tank and the top compartment followed by `Y’ type entry to the shell of the top compartment. Each branch of the `Y’ pipe will be tangential to the shell to create counter current and formation of foam. This foam helps in arresting floaters to a reasonable extent. For eliminating these floaters along with foam a foam canal is also included. The level of foam canal is very important as it establishes the level of juice in the clarifier and hence the levels of the mud box, juice boxes and flash tank.

To ensure proper distribution to the lower compartments a mud seal arrangement between flocculating chamber and top compartment is provided and two cut outs in the centre tube having their lowest point at the level of the mud seal top to ensure juice enters the centre tube through which it is distributed to the various compartments at the rate of withdrawal from each compartment.

Centre Tube Gates fitted in the centre tube for proper operation with partial filling of Clarifier. The flocculent is added in juice entry pipe before flocculating chamber through funnel and baffles are provided in the entry point for proper mixing of flocculent with incoming juice.
4. Mud withdrawal System: The withdrawal will be by means of mud overflow box with telescopic valves ensuring flow by gravity only. For scraping mud we shall be providing rake arms welded to the centre tube and having 5 to 6 rake blades hinged to it at an angle. This will ensure that the mud trapped at any point is also scraped and mechanically drawn towards the centre. By adjusting the telescopic system of the mud overflow box a reasonably good concentration of mud can be achieved suitable for proper filtration. It will also allow better clarity of the clear juice when mud withdrawal becomes more efficient.
5. Venting System: Removal of trapped air/vapour is very important for eliminating turbulence at clear juice withdrawal points. Our proposal includes 2 sets of venting(should this be vents?) from each compartment diametrically opposite to each other having inclined take off from the shell to ensure best possible removal of trapped vapours.
6. Sampling System: One set of sample piping shall be supplied so that the rate of withdrawal of clear and muddy juice can be ascertained for each compartment.