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Fibrizers are used for shredding of sugarcane into fibres and open cells to enable prepared cane to be crushed in between the rollers of the mills to extract juice.
Fixed or Swing Type
  • Hammers with replaceable tips
Three / Four arm type integral, specially designed rotor discs eliminate failure against shocks
Hammer shanks of fixed hammers tenoned into machined pockets and fastened with high tensile bolts which reassure a close fit, and eliminate shear. Swing hammers are hinged on axles with bush bearings. Hammers are staggered to cover entire rotor width
Rotor supported in generously designed heavy duty bearings, housed in solid cast steel bearing blocks with water cooling jacket
Oil mist or circulating oil lubrication for bearing
Anvil of pocketed construction, hard faced to 500 BHN for improved and uniform cane preparation
Floating flap provided over feed cane blanket achieves effective air seal and reduces excessive winding and consequently reduces noise, loss of sugar through mist formation, and saves power
Swing Diameter: 1830 mm to 2200 mm
Width: 500 mm to 2600 mm
Speed : 750 – 1000 rpm