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Product Range
Manufacturing Facilities
Engineering Capabilities
Improved mechanical disruption of the stalk for the juice to be easily pressed/ diffused from the cane.
  • Swing hammers with replaceable tips
Swing hammers hinged in axles with bush bearings and staggered to cover entire width of rotor
Long fibres for better feedability
Enhanced milling capacity
Enhanced mill extraction
Preparatory Index of more than 90%
Low power consumption
Reduced maintenance
Sizes - 1500mm to 2750 mm width
Swing Diameter: 1830 mm to 2100 mm
Speed  1000 – 1200 rpm
Cane Sugar Mill Feeding Devices
Uttam can provide varying degrees of feedability and superior performance by fitting one or a combination of the following feeding devices:
  • Donnelly Feed Hopper
Heavy Force Feeder Roller
Pressure Feeder -Grooved or Toothed Pressure Feeders

Donnelly Chutes

Elevated vertical feed
The necessary degree of compaction of feed material
For maintaining a controlled, positive, even feed for better mill extraction
Feed material bulk density increased
Improved feedability
Under Feed Roller (Force Feed Roller)
Can be of same diameter as the top roller or sometimes even of higher diameter than that of the top roller
Can be chain or gear drives from the gear drive
Low cost device provides good feeding quality when combined with Donnelly chute of adequate height and proportion and overcomes known difficulties in feeding 3 Roller mills or 5 Roller mills configuration
Pressure Feeder
A pair of rollers designed for mounting on a separate support attached to the mill, or free standing from the mill
The rollers are chain driven or gear driven from the top; gear roller and feeder has an adjustable pressure chute. The pressure feeder roller can be tooth type or groove type depending on the preference of the customer
In a heavy duty pressure feeding system, a pair of grooved rollers is housed in a heavy housing and is tail-bar driven from an external gear reduction integral with the low speed gearing or by independent gear or hydraulic drives
Milling Tandem

Uttam is the first company in India to manufacture and supply 45” x 90” milling tandem. Uttam has design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities to manufacture up to 55” x 110” size cane milling system.

Crushing capacity of single tandem : 500 TCD to 15000 TCD
24” x 48”
28” x 56”
30” x 60”
34” x 68”
36” x 72”
36” x 78”
40” x 80”
42” x 84”
45” x 90”
50” x 100”
55” x 110”
Cane Milling Technology from A. Goninan of Australia
A. Goninan is one of the leading sugar engineering companies in the world
Uttam has a tie-up with A. Goninan for manufacturing mills based on their design
A. Goninan was the first company in the world to design, manufacture and install the world’s biggest sugar mill - 55” x 110”
Sturdy mill design with least power consumption
Special Features of Uttam – Goninan Mills
Approximate 74-75o fixed Apex angle even at higher or low crush rate, resultant better juice extraction at less hydraulic load
Apex angle of Uttam mills does not change even at much wider settings for higher crush rate
Wider base of Headstock makes rigidity of mill, gives better load transfer to the mill Foundation
Wedge type specially designed High Carbon Steel Pins gives easy dismantling
Angular type bottom roller adjustment through hydraulic jacks with the help of packing system provided for easily to reset the mill
Less power consumption due to less width of Trash Plate friction
Outside Trash Plate adjusting arrangement to keep safe and easy operation
Deep Juice tray with sufficient slope to the juice gutter for reducing the cause of jamming
4 Nos. primary and 2 Nos. secondary foundation bolts bound on both sides cross beams with studs, ensures rigidity of mill to reduce the vibrations
SS Strips are provided at bearing surface portion as well as bottom of headstock to avoid the corrosion by juice for longer life of mill Headstock
SS Wear plates are provided with CSK bolts at both sides of headstocks Jaw, to improve the sliding action of Top Bearing and to avoid the wearing of headstock
Solid gunmetal top bearing housings are provided to reduce the temperature and better oil Lubrication & Cooling Systems for longer life of bearings
Cover Plate are provided at bearing housings for easy inside cleaning of housings
Floating Type Top Roller Scraper assembly is provided
Messchart Scraper Assembly is also fitted with bottom Stool which have been automatically adjusted while reset the bottom rollers
Lotus Type ‘Toothed Under Feed Roller’ gives better compactness of cane blanket and prevents  the slippage of cane
Arcing is provided at rollers by special arcing electrodes to avoid the slippage of cane blanket
Trash Plate size in Uttam Mills is much smaller which reduces the frictional losses and wear and tear of parts
Uttam Mills have inbuilt provisions for installation of GRPF/TRPF on Mill Head Stocks as well as Mill Drive
Cane Mill Drive Arrangement:


Helical Gear Box with open spur gearing

Planetary Gear Box

  (Spherical Roller bearings instead of Gun metal bush bearings if desired)
Tail Bar with Muff coupling

Rope type coupling

AC with VFD

DC drive with Thyristor converter

Hydraulic drive

Rotary Screen

To remove excess juice from bagasse and deliver bagasse back to conveyor while extracted screened is sent for processing
Drive: Chain drive
Chemical cleaning arrangement is also provided